Quest Software acquires eXc and VizionCore

Yes, I am officially slow. But never mind.

Quest Software is a rather nice software developer with some interesting products for a wide range of Microsoft systems – like Site Administrator and Recovery Manager for SharePoint – but also database and application servers like SAP and Oracle E-business.

I have lately been working with some of their MOSS-related products that, neglecting the somewhat goofy and unspecific manuals, are stable and well worth taking a look at.

Quite recently they have acquired two other companies also worth paying attention to as they, too, tend to deliver products that ease things up. eXc does it’s thing in the Microsoft SCOM/MOM arena while VizionCore dances with virtualization techniques. At least, that’s where I’ve come across them both.

How will this affect me, then?
Not very much it would seem. Here’s what VizionCore says about their part:

“The completion of this acquisition signals another major step in Vizioncore’s evolution and growth in the virtualization market,” said David Bieneman, CEO of VizionCore. “While maintaining the autonomy that has made us successful, we will also be able to leverage technologies developed by and acquired by Quest, such as Invirtus and Provision Networks, to enhance and expand the feature sets of VizionCore products. This is very positive news for virtualization customers who will enjoy a richer and robust product set that will help them achieve greater levels of ROI from their investments in virtualization platforms.”

In my head, this means that VizionCore will still be VizionCore but with, perhaps, tighter integration with Invirtus. Invirtus was, by the way, a “Strategic Partner” to VizionCore even before the acquisition.

eXc then? Well. It is not clearly stated in the press-release as far as I can tell. We can only hope that they will make the decision to rebuild their not-even-web1.0 excuse for a website. And what the hell is up with that logo? Fortunately for us, their design skills – or lack thereof – does not reflect their programming skills. But still… no sane man or woman uses Comic Sans in a logo. Not even jokingly. Actually, using Comic Sans at all should be considered an act of felony.