#MSIgnite 2017: TK01 - Create a Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365

TK01 - Create a modern workplace with Microsoft 365

Sep 25, 10:45 am – 12:15 pm

Also written on phone, will come back and refine

Arrived late due to escalators being bottlenecks.
Something about 3d objects in office, PowerPoint.
Showing a photo with mixed reality, rotating 3d-space.


Windows Ink

deleting stuff with pen, highlights etc
Seems fairly intuitive. Would like to test soon.


accessibility, colour blindness, proofing with patterns.
language improvements. suggestions about better wordings.


Connects to external data sources, trying to figure out context and provide help.


Teams and Groups

  • Seen as the starting point for teams
  • New back end for Skype
    • Teams become the core client, eventually replacing Skype for business client.

SharePoint and OneDrive

  • Mobile-ready, responsive, webpages from SharePoint
  • Integrates with PowerApps and Flow
  • Files on demand, access files without the need for local space.

Mobile outlook

  • some sort of “help” to flag messages that might be fraudulent
  • Cortana intelligence to find stuff, like good times for meetings
  • @mentions in office comments

Surface hub

  • whiteboard with intelligent canvas
  • recognizes shapes, convert rectangles to tables, edit columns and rows, multiple editors realtime


  • Now with guest access!
  • Access control and MFA
  • Team meetings, recorded and replayable


  • OneDrive integrated into Windows kernel
  • Status icons provide information about online status of files


  • With stream, realtime translations etc
  • Yammer comments within stream with analytics

Windows Auto Pilot

  • configures security profiles, networks, settings, profiles etc
  • Better Windows analytics, AI backed. improves categorization and troubleshooting
  • Cloud based, no need for corporate network connection
  • Upgrade analysis, Windows, apps, and office plugins.

Other notes

  • simpler migration of programs to Azure apps
  • Windows desktop bridge for backwards compatibility
  • MS Security graph
  • GDPR Compliance Manager
    • analyses and gives a compliance score based on policies.
  • Also, New features Azure Advanced Threat Protection