#MSIgnite 2017: GS01 - Microsoft for the Modern Data Estate

GS01 - Microsoft for the modern data estate

Sep 25, 2:15 pm – 3:30 pm

Quick Notes

  • Massive and growing amounts of data.
  • Companies that out-develop themselves.
  • Some companies have learned to leverage and gain from the data, like Honeywell, DocuSign and Jet.
  • Hybrid is the way to go. Quick hands-up:
    • Almost no companies believe all-public is even possible
    • Almost all see a hybrid solution is the thing.

SQL 2017 GA 2017-10-02:

  • Available on:
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes…


  • Gives superb compatibility over many platforms and distributions.
  • 2+ million docker pulls.
  • Lots of focus on performance and security. has the smallest amount of vulnerabilities.
  • Only commercial dB with AI built in.
  • R and Python support OOB.
  • BI included in license; web, desktop and mobile.
  • Support for graph data and queries.
  • Advanced machine learning with R + Python.
  • Native TSQL scoring.
  • Adaptive query processing and Automatic plan correction.
  • Special pricing (30%) for SQL on Red hat
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance
    • Like a SQL instance on premise, in the cloud. without the server.
    • Easy to migrate as it’s the same thing.
    • Management using the same tools as always.
  • SQL SA customers get discounts on Azure SQL.

Other stuff

  • Vulnerability assessment for GDPR.
  • Intelligent insights into performance.

DEMO: Patient intake, millisecond calculation of estimated stay based on history of patient and similar cases.

  • Azure DB for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
    • Supports HA etc.