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#OpsMgr 1801 Upgrade - The Fail Anthology

A Collection of OpsMgr Upgrade Fails I’ll be frank on this one; Microsoft really dropped the ball on the 1801 setup program. No upgrade or update has been this ridden with faults and obscure errors, not even the infamous SCOM 2007 SP1 setup. And this is not only errors that will abort the installation, they will actively remove your existing SCOM Components and cause a restore, either from snapshot/checkpoint or from backup. MAKE SURE YOUR BACKUPS ARE WORKING!!! Rollbacks don’t work in 1801, at all. You have been warned. Here’s my list of the issues I’ve seen and wrestled so far. .NET 3.5 Pre-requisites Although neither SCOM 2016 nor 1801 actually has a .NET 3.5 requirement, the setup think it does. The Prerequisute checker isn’t aware though, meaning it will happily try to upgrade and then fail. And, boy, does it fail spectacularly! When the upgrade failes, it’s supposed to perform a rollback, and reading the setup log it actually do try. Unfortunatly, the “rollback” will remove any existing SCOM Roles in the server. O_o Yes, thats right. Your Management Server is no longer a Management Server! Workaround Make sure all SCOM Management Servers have .NET Framework 3.5 installed before attempting an upgrade.

Rant - The Concept of Booth-Babes

Background Having visited a few conferences in the last years I have spotted a trend I didn’t think I would see in the IT-Pro sphere. You could probably call me naïve for that but logically we should not encourage this trend. This is my appeal to all exhibitors of future conferences to re-evaluate the concept of booth-babes. I will not go into the genus-political part of this discussion as of now–others are more eloquent and fit to handle that–but rather some of the more pragmatic sides to ditch the BB (short for Booth-Babe) and how that would gain us visitors as well as the exhibitors. I will also keep a pretty frank, and perhaps impolite, tone in this rant of mine. So, here’s my top reasons, in no particular order, to give up the BBs. Reason #1 - BBs is disrupting the purpose of the exhibition When I go to a conference, I am there for the tech, to network and shake paws with the people I collaborate with on-line. It is also a good place to meet the actual corporations that I do business with and discuss their products between four eyes. I do not want to plow through a crowd of great white whales [Oops! I meant “males”] ogling the BBs to get to someone with actual knowledge about the products and solutions at hand. Reason #2 - BBs are alienating the visitors If you are a heterosexual male or a homosexual female, the BBs can actually make you embarrassed, shy and unwilling to approach the exhibitor for that sole reason. If you are not, you might find an exhibitor with BBs appalling and take another route for that sole reason. Reason #3 - BBs are intimidating the female visitors

OpsMgr 2007 R2 Documentation

Here a link to the System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Documentation for those of you out there who keeps asking of its whereabouts and then tell me to not tell you to google for it. So now I can direct you to my site, tell you to click on “OpsMgr 2007” to the left and browse through my posts instead of wasting precious time on googling and pretend being more helpful. To the rest of the world, sorry for wasting your time! Happy now, eh?

My impression of EXT4 -- WTH!?

Ok, so I reinstalled my linux partition with Ubuntu 9.04 x64 and decided to try EXT4 on the root partition. Like, yesterday. Managed to get the Citrix client running (way more easy on Ubuntu than Fedora, I’ll be back on that) and all without too much fuzz. First reboot gave me a “let’s FSCK!”. So I FSCK-ed and booted up to the desktop. Second reboot gave me a “let’s FSCK!”. And I did. Booted to the desktop. Third boot went smoothly, but all of a sudden all the icons decided to go AWOL. Rebooted again. Fourth boot gave me a “let’s FSCK!”. I replied with “Well FSCK You!” Fifth boot gave me a “let’s FSCK!”. I rebooted back to Windows 7. Tonight I am reinstalling Ubuntu 9.04 x64 with EXT3.