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#MSIgnite 2017: GS01 - Microsoft for the Modern Data Estate

GS01 - Microsoft for the modern data estate Sep 25, 2:15 pm – 3:30 pm Quick Notes Massive and growing amounts of data. Companies that out-develop themselves. Some companies have learned to leverage and gain from the data, like Honeywell, DocuSign and Jet. Hybrid is the way to go. Quick hands-up: Almost no companies believe all-public is even possible Almost all see a hybrid solution is the thing. SQL 2017 GA 2017-10-02: Available on: Windows Linux Docker Kubernetes… *applause* Gives superb compatibility over many platforms and distributions. 2+ million docker pulls. Lots of focus on performance and security. has the smallest amount of vulnerabilities. Only commercial dB with AI built in. R and Python support OOB. BI included in license; web, desktop and mobile. Support for graph data and queries. Advanced machine learning with R + Python. Native TSQL scoring. Adaptive query processing and Automatic plan correction. Special pricing (30%) for SQL on Red hat Azure SQL Managed Instance Like a SQL instance on premise, in the cloud. without the server. Easy to migrate as it’s the same thing. Management using the same tools as always. SQL SA customers get discounts on Azure SQL. Other stuff Vulnerability assessment for GDPR. Intelligent insights into performance.