I'm moving (finally)

If you’re seeing this, the move went OK. 😛

Anyway, I have tried to make sure that all the links, images and urls are still intact and that people are automatically redirected to the correct address on the new site too. I think I got it right, but who knows?

Still fiddling with the themes thought.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

ps. Post from the old site is a jump ahead.

Hi all,

I’m finally getting my male donkey out of the wagon and has started moving this blog to a new self-hosted server.

The current host is cheap and delivers quite the good service, but since I already have servers running 24/7 at home, with attached electric bills, and more than enough bandwidth for a couple of websites I find it silly paying for yet-another hosting solution.

Also, it is a good time to do some spring-cleaning and actually start using that teknoglot.se domain i bought some time ago. 😛

Hopefully, the transition will go mostly unnoticed apart from the automatic redirect (301 - Permanently moved) to the new domain.