Intel Drivers causes old-school freezes on Windows Vista

I recently got a nice new Lenovo ThinkPad T61 laptop at work to replace the old T42 I had earlier. Totally nice with 2,2GHz dual-core, Windows Vista and stuff. Now, there seems to be a problem with some drivers since I get the back-to-the-90s kinda lockups. You know were pretty much everything remotely interactive freeze. No BSOD, no crasches, no reboot. Just a plain freeze and all you can do is to press and hold the powerbutton until the computer powers off. Apparently, these problems are caused by some bug or something in the Intel Turbo Memory Driver and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager in combination with some power-save feature in Windows Vista called “Windows Hybrid Hard Disk Power Savings Mode”. (Christ! Whatever happened to abrevations? I think i want those back. “ITMD and IMSM with WHDDPSM causes hickups”… no… wait.) Aaaanyway. The people over at the forums of Notebookreview.com has experienced this and posted a guide with the appropriate links. Check it out at http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=160154&page=2 Cheers!

w3Socket in VBScript

I’ve been doing quite a lot of VBScripting in a couple of projects lately. The current one requires med to connect to a couple of telnet servers and look for… stuff. Since we’re not in VB6 och .Net i cannot simply user Winsock as normally due to the lack of licensing features in VBS/WSH. Thankfully for me, Dimac has release a nifty little component for free that makes talking telnet in VBS very simple. I thought that, hey! I must share this! So here’s an example in Classic VBS: Dim oTelnetoTelnet = CreateObject(Socket.Tcp)With oTelnet.DoTelnetEmulation = True.TelnetEmulation = TTY.Host = SLUSSEN login:.SendLine ANiftyUsename.WaitFor Password:.SendLine [email protected] ~ #.SendLine ifconfigMsgBox .Buffer.CloseEnd WithSet oTelnet = Nothing Not very hard at all. This one is connecting to my router (with fake user/pwd… DUH!) and there’s no support for setting the prompt type there, thus the “~ #”. The result of running this script with correct login info gives me a popup with the routers NIC-configuration.

Silly Hibernation doo-doo on WinXP

I recently added another 500MB of RAM to my computer… and there was much rejoice. However, after a few days it started to behave erraticly when pressing the Fn+F12 combo (on a ThinkPad that means “Hibernate”). It simply refused to hibernate with the very intuitive error message “Insufficent System Resources Exist to Complete the API”. Anyway. Microsoft has a fix for it, and you don’t have to call them to get it anymore either. Just follow the link below. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/Q909095