w3Socket in VBScript

I’ve been doing quite a lot of VBScripting in a couple of projects lately. The current one requires med to connect to a couple of telnet servers and look for… stuff.
Since we’re not in VB6 och .Net i cannot simply user Winsock as normally due to the lack of licensing features in VBS/WSH.

Thankfully for me, Dimac has release a nifty little component for free that makes talking telnet in VBS very simple.

I thought that, hey! I must share this!
So here’s an example in Classic VBS:

Dim oTelnet
oTelnet = CreateObject(Socket.Tcp)

With oTelnet
.DoTelnetEmulation = True
.TelnetEmulation = TTY
.Host =
.WaitFor SLUSSEN login:
.SendLine ANiftyUsename
.WaitFor Password:
.SendLine [email protected]
.WaitFor ~ #
.SendLine ifconfig
MsgBox .Buffer
End With

Set oTelnet = Nothing

Not very hard at all. This one is connecting to my router (with fake user/pwd… DUH!) and there’s no support for setting the prompt type there, thus the “~ #”.
The result of running this script with correct login info gives me a popup with the routers NIC-configuration.